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How to Make Ormus? 

1. 2 Pyrex bowls or stainless steel, make sure it can hold a gallon volume. 

2. Get some coffee filters, but make sure to avoid using aluminum. 

3. A squirt bottle that has a strong lid, a dropper bottle could also be used/ 

4. Get pH paper that is able to test up to 11. 

5. Get a glass jar. 

6. A 50cc syringe or turkey baster is also required including a Pyrex measuring cup. 

 Additional ingredients: 

Coarse sea salt 


A gallon of distilled water 

White distilled vinegar 


1. Pour the cup of distilled water in the Pyrex measuring cup, and then add two tablespoons of lye power. Make sure to wear protective eye gear so the fumes will not get in the eyes. After that stir the powder until it dissolves. Make sure to wear protective clothing as well in order to avoid the lye powder from harming the skin and destroying the clothes. 

2. Place the dropper bottle or squirt bottle in the sink and then pour the lye solution into the bottle. If the water is still hot, make sure to leave the lid loosely placed over the top, fasten if the water solution is already cold. 

Instructions how to make Ormus: 

 1. Pour the 4 cups of water in the bowl while dissolving 1 cup of salt in the water. 

2. Strain the salt water using the coffee filter into the second bowl; prepare a lot of coffee filters. 

3. Use the pH paper, then add small squirts of lye water to the salt water and then stir occasionally. 

4. Be sure the pH of the water is at 10, avoid reaching pH 11. If the solution goes as high as pH 11 put some drops of vinegar to bring the pH down. 

5. Pour water into the large jar, make sure it gets settled, wait overnight and check until a white or grey precipitate has formed at the bottom of the jar. 

6. Drain the salt water and then refill the bottle with good drinking water.  

7. Wash the precipitate 3 times using clean water, shake while doing so and then let it settle for 4 hours before doing it again. 

8. The last wash, pour the grey or white power into the glass jar with a lid and save it for actual use. 

 Now that you know how to make Ormus, make sure to store the Ormus near high-energy objects such as crystals.  

The ormus can be ingested half a teaspoon for twice a day, expect healing wonders to occur.  



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