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Ormus Ocean Water Recipe

Equipment Needed.  

1 Two Pyrex bowls or stainless steel. 

1 50cc syringe or a turkey baster. 

1 Strainer. 

1 PH paper which test up to at least 11. 

1 Glass jar. 

1 A squirt bottle. 


1 Gallon of distilled water. 

1 Course sea salt. 

1 A white distilled vinegar. 

1 Lye. 

1. Pour four cups of water in a stainless steel and then you dissolve one cup of salt in the water.
2. Strain salt water through coffee filters into the 2nd stainless steel.
3. Using a ready pH paper, start adding droppers full of lye water to the salt water. Stir continuously.
4. Test the pH of the water. The pH should just reach 10. It should not move as higher as 11. Use drops of vinegar to lower the pH in case it gets as higher as 11.
5. When the appropriate pH is achieved, test a number of areas in the water to ensure that it is equally distributed.
6. Then pour water in a very large jar. Let it settle for about four hours.
7. When four to twelve hours is over, drain off the salty water. Then you refill the bottle with drinking water.
8. Clean the precipitate not less than three times. Shake it each time. Let it settle for about 4 hours then repeat again.
9. After completing the final wash, you pour the slurry of water and white/grey powder into a jar which has a lid and keep it for use. You should keep it away from magnetic or electric fields.
10. ORMUS is always affected by energy fields. Also, it is affected by intent. Therefore, it seems to raise its potency whenever you surround it with energy objects.

In general, this is a simple ORMUS ocean water recipe. Use this ORMUS ocean water recipe always. 



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