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Ormus Oil  

Natural oils report endless benefits to our body. These oils are extracted directly from plants; normally from the seeds of plants, and concentrate all the benefits, nutrients, and complex repairing molecules of that plant.  

Natural oils unlike mineral oils are compatible with our epidermis, being able to be absorbed by our skin and penetrate to nourish and protect its structure.  

The interaction of ormus at the subatomic level with these molecules confers the mixture of ormus and natural oils; ormus oil, special properties, specially healing properties for our skin and internal wellbeing.  

Many natural oils are naturally high in m-Rhodium and m-Iridium; these interact with the monoatomic elements of ormus to give ormus oil a high energy chemical structure that resonates within our cells.  

Ormus oil high energy atomic structure is able to penetrate our dermal layer thanks to the bio-affinity of natural plant oils. 

 It can elevate the functioning of our skin cells by affecting their very molecular structure; contributing to cellular rejuvenation and healing.  



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