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Simple Ormus Recipe  


Ormus is a simple mineral that is believed to help in healing various ailments.  


You can make a simple ormus recipe by yourself, all you have to do is to buy the basic commodities that are used to make ormus. 

Equipment need for ormus recipe. 

Measuring cup, coffee filters, a bottle with a good lid.
Ingredients needed to make a simple ormus recipe. 

Sea salt, you can either use coarse sea salt or the Dead Sea salt, and make sure the sea salt is not clumped together. 

You need some gallons filled with distilled water, a bottle of white vinegar which should also be distilled food lyre in powder form. 

Procedure of making ormus recipe. 

Take water and the food lyre and mix together and let the mixture cool down, then filter the salt to remove any unwanted stuff and also dissolve the salt in water.  


Pour the lye water to the salt water and put in the bottles, let the mixture settle and then be taking the ormus in small quantity.  



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